About Sanmavedana

Welcome to “Sanmvedana” school for children with autism and thank you for visiting our website.¬†Whether you are a parent, grand-parent or teacher the following pages are designed to empower you to learn about “Sanmvedana” and autism.
Sanmvedana is a non-profit school for Autistic children in Nagpur, India founded in 2006. Sanmvedana is non-residential school that provides education and counseling services for individuals, and families of individuals, with autism, developmental disabilities, neurological and behavioral disorders. We at our school regularly conduct the workshop for parents as well as for our special educators.

Our Vision

We work to provide the highest possible standard of behavioral healthcare, education. We care deeply about each person we serve and about each other as professionals. We seek to continually learn and apply best practices and to share our knowledge. Our staff reflect the Sanmvedana’s core values:¬† fairness, diversity, accountability, and results. Together, we work to create new and more effective ways to meet the special needs of individuals and families at our school.